Video of the Band Live From the 80's and 90's Diamondback . I was founding member in 1984. It is still going today with some new members.

Diamond back The show before the show out takes Take 0ne

Quervo Song

Leavin em Screamin Origanal Version

Fly Me Couragous

Do You Feel Like We Do


Open Invaaion First Diamondback gig

Cookie Jar, The sting 1992

Waterstreet station Circa 1988-89 (Skinard Needle and the spoon)

Studio circa 1990 just some memories more to follow

Ted Nugent Stranglehold 1992

Rock en Roll suzzie

J Giels and Marshel Tucker June 1990

Stevie Ray and Jeff Healy

Red House 1990

Little Wing And FOGHAT Feb 1991

Whisky and Stevie Feb 1991

Total Eclipse and Justin Case

Freeborn Man

Dreams and Further on down the road

Gimmie 3 Steps and Black Crows

Knok Me Back and Willie the Wimp

J Giels 1991

same ol song and dance

Hands tobacco 1991

Needle and spoon with whisky 1991

Cuervo Song 1991

Knock me Back and Coolie Jar (recomended )

ALL Right Now

Aman Brothers (only one I could find Incomplete )

Early Joe Walsh TURN TO STONE