Rules For 2008 Tri-Valley Racing


These are simple rules to follow



  1. No Drugs
  2. No alcohol
  3. Don’t ride above your skill level
  4. No wheelies or racing in the pits
  5. You must have a cell phone with you if you are traveling with out a parent or guardian.
  6. All waivers and race fees must be signed and paid in advance of the race. Pit passes and late entries are your responsibility
  7. Practice is not mandatory but it does help
  8. All bikes must be able to pass tech before the trip
  9. If we are camping at the track a set time to be in camp will be designated by the Adult in charge . If you miss that time you will not race the next moto.
  10. If some one is hurt at the track , a rider and or guardian will accompany the injured rider to the hospital.
  11. Work as a team on the track If you are not as fast or as skilled as the rider behind you let him or her pass safely
  12. You Must have your NEATV Membership card with you at every race .
  13. Sponsors Stickers and graphics must be on your bike. I will issue them at the beginning of the season
  14. Read and understand the Racing rule for Neatv and Atva  

 The most important rule is THIS IS FOR FUN.


Click Here For NEATV RULES



Click here for ATVA Rules

See You at TheTrack